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Company History

1943 Establishes Tokyo Koa Glass Bottle Industry Inc.
1948 July. Changes company name to current Koa Glass Co., Ltd.
1949 Mold, polishing, silicon processing division are separated. A subsidiary named Wako Seiki Co., Ltd. is established, which starts operation as a subcontracted processing factory of Koa Glass Co., Ltd.
1955 April. Constructs Komatsugawa Factory in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
1956 April. Opens automated bottle forming line complete with electric melting tank inside the headquarters factory.
1957 June. Expands Komatsugawa Factory to double production.
1962 Opens fully automated Ichikawa Factory in Ichikawa City, Chiba, Japan.
1967 Opens fully automated Ofuna Factory in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa, Japan.
1972 February. Moves Production Division of headquarters factory to Chidori-cho, Ichikawa City, Chiba, Japan, and opens glass decoration division at the site.
(The forerunner of current Koa A.C.L. Co., Ltd.)
July. Closes Komatsugawa Factory in Chuo, Edogawa-ku, Japan. Opens Koa Containers Co., Ltd. for the sales of semiautomatically produced bottles and packaging.
1973 May. Completes construction of new headquarters building to expand space and rationalize office work.
December. Establishes a second printing factory to meet increasing demand and expands headquarters printing facilities.
(Current Koa A.C.L. Co., Ltd.)
1976 April. Separates Decoration and Inspection Division from headquarters factory and establishes a subsidiary, Koa A.C.L. Co., Ltd., which starts operation as subcontracted decoration and inspection factory of Koa Glass Co., Ltd.
1983 August. Opens Osaka Sales Office in Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Japan.
1991 March. Establishes a group company, Ryonan Pack Inc. for inspection and shrink applications in Ayase City, Kanagawa, Japan.
1992 June. Opens Koa A.C.L. Ichikawa workshop inside the Ichikawa Factory. Introduces high-speed multicolor printing machine.
1994 October. Establishes Shanghai Koa Glass Co., Ltd. in Jiading District, Shanghai, China.
1996 June. Constructs and starts operation of fully automated production line, from glass forming through to decoration, at Shanghai Koa Glass.
2000 June. Ichikawa Factory acquires QMS (ISO) certification.
2001 December. Ofuna Factory acquires QMS (ISO) certification.
2002 January. Shanghai KOA Glass acquires QMS (ISO) certification.
2003 January. Head Office acquires QMS (ISO) certification.
2003 June. Head Office acquires EMS (ISO) certification.
2005 January. Ofuna Factory acquires EMS (ISO) certification.
2006 September. Ichikawa Factory acquires EMS (ISO) certification.

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