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Feature of Powder Master Butch

Feature of Powder Master ButchFeature of Powder Master Bunch Million Guard is inorganic antimicrobial glass powder, Silver ions retained in the glass network structure are released gradually, and have an antimicrobial fungus-resistance effect.


●Duration of Effectiveness
●Low Addition Rate
●Moisture Absorption


●Particle Size

Feature of Powder Master Butch Trancsparency in not lost when added to transparent resin such as
polystyrene and styrene-acrylonitrorile copolymer.
Antimicrobial effect lasts for a long time.
Reliable effect is obtained by adding 0.2% - 0.5%
No moisture absorption is observed during prolonged exposure to air.
Extremely safe since Million Guard consists of harmless inorganic materials.
3μ m and 10 μm in average particle diameter.

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Applied product of inorganic antimicrobial agent : BLUE-KILLER


BLUE-KILLER, antimicrobial agent developed by KOA GLASS Co., LTD., is now on sale in the big drug stores in Japan and by the website.

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