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Company Philosophy

Representative greeting

Koa Glass Co., Ltd. has combined reliability and performance for its many customers as a glass bottle manufacturer for nearly 70 years since its establishment in 1943.
While we continue to produce bottles for cosmetics and glass containers that go on to be used in various ways, we have branched out into fine ceramics products in recent years, and they too are becoming a pillar in our enterprise.
It is our calling to take advantage of the newest technology to provide the best products for our customers.
We are always looking toward the future and striving to engage in business activities that fit the times, and the entire company is making an effort to deal with increasingly serious environmental issues.
We will continue to work together and give our best effort to offer ecologically-friendly glass products to our customers all over the world.

Tatsuhiko Idei, Chairman & CEO

Tathuhiko Idei
Chairman & CEO

Basic Principle

KOA, out of respect for fundamental human rights and dignities, always aims to conduct dynamic, flexible economic activities that are consistent with and appropriate to the existing social environments.

<Company Principles>

(1) KOA, as a leading glass manufacturer, contributes to human life and culture through its commitment to the beauty and health industries.

(2) KOA has won a high reputation among its customers by providing them with the best possible products and developing state-of-the-art technology.

(3) KOA respects the individuality of employees and encourages a passionate, challenging spirit among them for further growth, which brings them the joy of work and a quality life.

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