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Our Environmental Efforts

【Our Philosophy】

We contribute to environmental preservation and saving resources on the earth through our various activities to reduce environmental loading and sustainable society.

【Our Mission】

1.We commit to MONOZUKURI which is concerned about the reduction of environmental burden and provide services for this purpose as one of leading manufacturers of glass containers from natural glass materials similar in composition to the earth.

2.We put in place our organization and systems decreasing company documents, and enlighten and educate our employees to work positively for the environmental improvement and contamination prevention.

3.We comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as other requirements which we agreed.

4.We work positively for the CO2 cut global policy as a member of glass industry and make a contribution to the prevention of global warming together with efficient production and effective utilization of limited resources and energy.

5.To realize our Mission, we set environmental goals and targets once per year, and all of our employees make collective efforts for these goals and targets.


【Quality Policies】

1.We will catch up with the needs of age and deliver the best quality to our customers.

2.We will strictly comply with the requirements, and make relentless efforts to improve our product quality.

3.We will review our quality policies and targets once per year, and invest necessary resources in the quality field.

Tatsuhiko Idei 
Chairman and CEO 


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As glass is made of natural resource, the same as the elements of the Earth, it is easy to recycle glass bottles, which can be added as cullet to the raw materials from which glass is made.
Glass is environmentally friendly and does not release dioxins or environmental hormones.


Cullet is crushed glass. It can be used as a part of the raw materials used to make glass. This saves not only raw materials but also energy. By using cullet, the emission of carbon dioxide is reduced.

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Key Environmental Preservation Activities

1. Activities to reduce environmental loads
  (1) Update our compressors to more environmental-friendly equipment, i.e., noise-less, vibration-less and power saving.
  (2) Convert fuels to reduce CO2 emission from the melting furnace.
  (3) Update our decorating lehr to more environmental-friendly equipment, i.e., an electric resistance paint-curing furnace.
  (4) Update our slow-cooling furnace to more environmental-friendly equipment (energy saving).
  (5) Update our gasoline/kerosene fueled forklifts to battery-powered forklifts.

2. Wastes Treatments
  (1) Build a waste segregation site in every our business places to strengthen our environmental facilities.
  (2) Cooperate with our customers in packaging materials for delivery, and we are promoting the reuse of them.

3.Significant Environmental Aspects   

(1) We establish a cooperative relationship with our glass bottle dealers and distributors to collect glass bottles at
      their shops. The collected glass bottles are destroyed to cullet to mix it in our materials.

(2) We place glass bottle recycling bin in our premises to give our neighbors convenience to encourage them to
      participate in the recycling. This activity also contributes to appealing the significance of the recycling.

The Environmental prizes

    2004  : Outstanding Performance Award - Environmental Fair in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo  
    2004?2006 : The Grand-Prix - Award for Steamlining Electric Use in Kanto area, Japan
    2008 : Outstanding performance Award - Supplier of Shiseido(Environmental Field)

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Global Standard

(1) EMS (Environmental Management System) ISO14001:2004
      Head Office, Ichikawa Factory and Osaka office acquires ISO 14001:2004 certification in June 2013.
         [ Certification No.] E8304

(2) QMS (Quality Management System) ISO9001:2008
      Head Office, Ichikawa Factory and Osaka office acquire ISO 9001:2008 certification in June 2013.
         [ Certification No.] 38888
      Shanghai KOA Glass acquires ISO 9001:2008 certification in January 2002.
         [ Certification No.] 00308Q10002R2M
      KOA Glass (Suzhou) acquires ISO 9001:2008 certification in January 2008.
         [ Certification No.] 00308Q10003R0M

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